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Home of Cloud 9

Chiropedic is a family-owned and operated company that has been manufacturing mattresses from its Melbourne factory since 1991. Over the last 30 years, it expanded the factory floor by more than double, and with the additional space came new state-of-the-art machinery and equipment. The way we were able to design and manufacture quality mattresses developed and helped establish us as a world-class leader with a whole range of Award-winning mattresses.

Manufacturing is only one aspect of the Company; we also have 8 retail stores throughout Victoria. Making and selling mattresses direct, helped us to visualise what our customers were asking for. We listened, and our Melbourne design team responded when the Cloud 9 range was born with the Classic Comfort Mattress in 2014. Today this mattress is just as popular as it was then; rated 4.9 stars in

More Cloud 9 mattresses have been added to this luxurious range, all of which have been designed in Melbourne by experts in Mattresses, and of course, meticulously manufactured in our Melbourne based factory. Each mattress within the range has been designed with a particular customer in mind, and we confidently boast the Cloud 9 range has a mattress for everyone. Let us help you choose your perfect fit Cloud 9 mattress.

Quality over quantity

Made to last

Chiropedic’s premium Cloud 9 mattress collection showcases the 30-year family tradition of cutting-edge design innovation, quality craftsmanship using world-leading materials to produce luxurious quality mattresses that will last a very long time.

We guarantee that you will sleep like the name states and always look forward to coming home to sleep on your Cloud 9 mattress. The Cloud 9 brand has become a household name synonymous with premium, award-winning mattresses. That’s because all our customers enjoy better quality sleep when changing to their Cloud 9, and who wouldn’t want to share that great experience story with family and friends.

Cloud 9 mattresses come with many assurances that you are getting a quality mattress; all are GECA Certified, are Australian Made, and have been approved by Sensitive Choice.

Each and every Cloud 9 mattress is backed by a 20-year warranty that you can trust; should anything not feel right over the years, our Melbourne factory is not going anywhere.

Best Spinal Support

Every step in the production of a Cloud 9 mattress, from clipping through to the stitching, has been carefully considered to make our veteran craftsmen the experts they are today. The number one element that underpins it all together is quality, above all else. A quality mattress can only be possible if it provides the best spinal support.

With spinal health front of mind, the range utilises advanced spring technology to support correct sleep posture alignment and minimise partner disturbance. Along with premium foams to provide the ultimate pressure relief and temperature regulation for a deeper and more restorative night’s sleep.

Australia’s Best Spinal Care Mattress Range

Our premium Cloud 9 range has been nationally recognised by health professionals in leading mattress industry bodies as the best in their field. 

In 2021, Cloud 9 was awarded Australia’s Best Spinal Care Mattress Range. This award was given to us by Australia’s largest and most trusted independent mattress review site – BedBuyer. 

Their team of health professionals ( sleep scientists, chiropractors, and physiotherapists) tested over 1500 mattresses and voted The Cloud 9 range as a winner in the category of ‘best spinal care’. The judges cited its superior support system and pressure-relieving comfort layers as reasons why the Cloud 9 range offers superior support and comfort for the spine.

For more details on why the Cloud 9 Mattress is BedBuyer’s award-winning mattress, click here.